Kover as a service ( Formerly on [https://kaas.fun](kaas.fun) )
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Facebook profile picture badge creator.


It downloads user's profile picture and paste an overlay image on it and presents an option to update it to his facebook feed. Facebook does not allow make it profile picture automatically.


It uses Facebook_SDK_v4 for authentication and uploads.

Please add a file named cred.php to the folder and add the following lines in them:

$callback_url = '';  // example.com/login.php

Install curl

sudo apt-get install curl

Make a facebook app and submit for "publish_actions" approvals for uploading pictures and feed poting.

Make sure you fill 'App domains' , 'Site URL' , 'Valid OAuth redirect URIs' accordingly in the app settings.

Note : You will get error during facebook login when facebook configration is not correct.


App permissions :